Hello there! My name is John Pollock – and yes that is with a P!

I have the incomparable pleasure of looking after good ol’ central trade, that’s right Wales and Central counties – that’s you!

Now, celebrity-wise, I have been compared, in looks, to Simon Pegg or Mick Hucknall… and I am not at liberty to comment any further on this!

Being an absolute music and guitar fanatic, I have a great love of fantastic musicians such as Hendrix, Clapton, Sheeran, Knopfler, Mayer etc.

Last and certainly not least, as for cartoon characters I would have to compare myself to the Joker, because I’m always smiling – even during the dark times!

Give me a call on 01621 828882 extn 282 or drop me an email to tradesales2@directa.co.uk and let me put a smile on your face!