I’m Francesca and I look after all of our customers in South London!

I enjoy walking and going out with my little boy.

If I were a cartoon character I would be Mrs Incredible because I can stretch to any length to get you the best deal and we all need a woman in our lives!

I would be a white Tiger if I was an animal because it’s the rarest of all the species and you will only find one of me.

If I were a celebrity I think I’d be Natasha Romanova as Black Widow because she’s silent but deadly and not to be feared especially when it comes to giving the best deal.

I am a people person so the more satisfied the customer is with my service the happier I will be.

You can give me a call on 01621 828882 ext 241 or email me at easternsales12@directa.co.uk and you will not regret it!