Hello I am Kevin and I look after all customers in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire
I am a keen sportsman who enjoys climbing, cycling and going to the gym (not all at once)
In my spare time I enjoy going for a nice cup of coffee I probably spend more money on coffee than I do on food shopping ha ha. I also love cleaning my car I am not sure why but I do and no I do not enjoy cleaning others although the £5 per time could get me a coffee or 2 mmmmm!
My favourite tv actor is steve mcqueen I am sure you remember him in the great escape not the bike ride but the bouncing baseball how captivating.
I would like to be an owl as living my life while others sleep would really suit me and being wise is a very good trait to have.
Popeye is my favourite character and yes you guessed it coffee is my spinach glug glug glug
I hope buying off me will be a memorable experience so drop me a line on 01621 828882 extn 231 or mail me on centralsales27@directa.co.uk