Electrical Tape (Black) - SparksThis top quality, plasticised PVC film, Electrical Tape, is particularly suitable for general purpose electrical work, such as insulation and component construction.   It is available in a range of widths starting at 6mm.

* Ex stock
* British standard 3924
* Flame retardant
* Available in 20M, 33M and 4.6M rolls which are ideal for resale or D.I.Y

(NB: FREE DELIVERY for all UK mainland orders placed online - Minimum order value of £10.00 applies for Free Online Delivery)


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Electrical Tape (Red) - Sparks Electrical Tape (Yellow) - SparksElectrical Tape (Brown) - Sparks 

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Electical Tape (Regal) - Sparks Electrical Tape (Grey) - Sparks Electrical Tape (White) - Sparks

Electrical Tape Regal | Electrical Tape Grey | Electrical Tape White


PVC Floor Marking Tape - Deemark Brand

deemark pvc tape

PVC Floor Marking Tape is highly distinctive, tough and durable.
This heavy duty plasticised PVC line marking tape provides instant demarcation lines for gangways & restricted areas. Ideal for sports halls, warehouses, hospitals etc.

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PVC Electrical Tape (Polyvinylchloride) is used in many applications ranging from colour coding to electrical insulation work, holding up footballers socks, stage floor marking and bundling cables in fact this electrical tape has numerous applications and is available in a wide range of colours, widths and roll lengths. Directa buy this electrical tape product in huge log rolls which are then cut and converted on site to required sizes. The tape comes in 4.6M ideal for the DIY and Retail Trade and also, 20M and 33M. The most common colour electrical tape is Black.

Directa has been supplying Electrical Tape since 1971 which was when the company was born. We supply to lots of companies that include major wholesalers and distributors as well as staging and audio visual companies across the world, not just the UK.

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For help and advice in choosing the right Electrical Tape call us on 01621 828882 or email: head.office@directa.co.uk