20 Litre Oil Spill and Go Dispensing Box

Product Code: 631HDOIL20L

20 Litre Spill and Go Dispensing Box, Oil Only. This product includes: 25 x Premier absorbent pads 50cm x 40cm. The Spill and Go™ range has been specifically designed to offer a practical, yet cost effective solution for dealing with small incidental spills and leaks around the workplace. Ideal for use in workshops, on the shop floor or carried on vehicles that transport liquids. This Spill and Go™ Dispenser Box has unique integral tabs so that it can be affixed to a wall or kept on a workbench for ease of access. Manufactured from high grade polypropylene, this kit has an open finish for quick absorbency.


Dimension 20 Litre Dispensing Box
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Pack Quantity 1
Unit of Measurement Each

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